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What are the best spy novels ever written?

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Here are two novels, written by former spies, that couldn’t be more different from each other, but rank among the greatest in the spy genre.

From Russia,with Love-Ian Fleming

In the fifth novel to feature the legendary Secret Service agent,Bond is marked for assassination by Soviet Counterintelligence agency SMERSH, and young clerk Tatiana Romanova, along with a Russian decoding device, is the bait to lure Bond into a trap, orchestrated by the ruthless Colonel Rosa Klebb.

From Russia, with Love is everything we love about Agent 007- edge-of-your-seat drama, femme fatales and powerful villains.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold– John le Carré

Regarded as a masterpiece in the spy genre, this novel is as far as it gets from Bond-esque tropes.Set during the height of the Cold War, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is about the core principle of spycraft- the flow of information. The tension is slowly and meticulously built up through an intricate plot, full of twists and turns. This is a must-read for all lovers of the spy genre.


Movie Recommendations: #42

Mission: Impossible(1996)

Director: Brian de Palma

Starring: Tom Cruise,Jon Voight,Jean Reno,Ving Rhames.

mission impossible


Mission: Impossible is a spy-thriller action film based on the eponymous TV series.

After witnessing the murder of all members of his IMF(Impossble Mission Force) squad, agent Ethan Hunt is regarded as the prime suspect, and embarks on a mission to find the mole who framed him for the act.

Fast-paced, thrilling and featuring crazy death-defying stunts, M:I is one of the most entertaining action movies of all time.It spawned a widely popular franchise with four sequels, and is ranked as one of the best spy movies of all time.

Movie Recommendations : #10

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy(2011)

Director:Tomas Alfredson

Starring: Gary Oldman,Benedict Cumberbatch,Tom Hardy.

movie recommendations

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a Cold War espionage film based on the eponymous novel by John le Carre, who himself worked in British Intelligence services. The story follows the hunt for a Soviet mole in the top echelon of the British Secret Service.

The movie abandons all the cliches associated with spy dramas.Instead of high speed car chases and trigger-happy agents, the film focusses on a compelling story of high stakes espionage through a complex and well-structured screenplay and gritty characters.

The film won the BAFTA Awards for Outstanding British film,Best Adapted Screenplay  and Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema.Gary Oldman was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his portrayal of Intelligence Officer George Smiley.