Movie Recommendations: #71


Director: Joel and Ethan Coen

Starring: Frances McDormand, William H. Macy,Steve Buscemi.fargo


Fargo is a neo-noir black comedy crime film based on a medley of real-life murders.

Jerry Lundegard(William H. Macy), a car salesman in Minneapolis, needs funds to push through a business deal and avoid bankruptcy. He hires two small-time criminals to kidnap his wife and coerce a ransom from his rich father-in-law, which they would split among themselves.His father in-law also happens to be his boss. After one of the kidnappers murders a policeman and two civilians, the  pregnant local police chief Marge Gunderson(Frances McDormand) is brought in to investigate the homicides.

Fargo features beautiful cinematography and an engrossing story. Every role in the film is defined by brilliant characterization and riveting performances.It was nominated for seven Academy Awards,including Best Picture,Best Director,Best Supporting Actor for Macy ,Best Cinematography and Best Editing, winning  Best Actress for Frances McDormand and Best Original Screenplay.


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