Movie Recommendations: #62

Toy Story(1995)

Director:John Lasseter

Voiceovers: Tom Hanks,Tim Allen,Don Rickles.

toy story

Toy Story is an animated adventure film which follows a group of living toys who pretend to be lifeless whenever humans are present.It was the first ever film to be entirely computer-animation based, and also the first production from Pixar.

Cowboy doll Woody(Tom Hanks), the leader of the group of toys owned by a boy named Andy, feels resentful after new arrival Buzz Lightyear(Tim Allen), a space ranger displaces Woody as Andy’s favourite toy. After he accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window, the other toys shun Woody,who unwittingly follows Buzz and ends up being abandoned by Andy. It now up to Woody and Buzz to team up and return home before Andy moves out.

The film’s witty dialogue and brilliantly executed computer graphics made it one of the best animated movies of all time.Toy Story won a Special Achievement Academy Award, and is regarded as one of the landmarks in technical innovation.





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