Movie Recommendations: #59

Phone Booth(2002)

Director:Joel Schumacher

Starring: Colin Farrell,Kiefer Sutherland,Forest Whitaker,Katie Holmes,Radha booth


Phone Booth is a psychological thriller film about a man pinned down in a telephone booth by a sniper.

The film follows Stu Shepard(Colin Farrell), a brash New York publicist who is having an affair with a woman outside of his marriage. After entering a public phone booth to contact his mistress, he is contacted by an anonymous caller who claims to have trained a sniper rifle on him, and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t follow his instructions.

Colin Farrell delivers a dynamic and gripping performance as the central character of the film, and Kiefer Sutherland perfectly pulls off the sniper act with a cold, menacing and assertive voiceover.



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