Movie Recommendations: #58


Director: Ben Affleck

Starring: Ben Affleck,Alan Arkin,Bryan Cranston,John Goodman.


Argo is a political thriller film based on the true story of an incredible and daring CIA Operation to rescue six U.S. diplomats from Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis.

Ben Affleck portrays Tony Mendez, a CIA exfiltration specialist who masterminds an extraction plan which involves developing an elaborate cover for the endangered American diplomats- that they are Canadian film personnel currently in Iran,scouting locations for a sci-fi movie.

The compelling narrative of the film takes you right into the heat of high-stakes espionage and brings out the sheer audacity of the entire operation,which also involved Hollywood make-up artists,a fake production company, and publicity of a fake sci-fi film .The film won the Academy Awards for Best Picture,Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing.


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