Movie Recommendations: #54

Office Space(1999)

Director:Mike Judge

Starring:Ron Livingston,Jennifer Aniston,David Herman,Ajay Naidu,Gary Cole.

office space


Office Space is a satirical comedy film about IT employees frustrated with their jobs,directed by Mike Judge who also co-created the popular and highly acclaimed sitcom Silicon Valley.

The film focusses on computer programmer Peter Gibbons(Ron Livingston) and his colleagues at Initech, who are all fed up with their jobs and hate working under their despotic boss Bill Lumbergh. After undergoing an incomplete hypnotherapy session, Peter develops a carefree attitude towards his life and loses all inhibitions regarding his job.When two of his co-workers get downsized, they team up with Peter to implant a computer virus in the company’s system to divert money into a bank account they own.

The film received praise from comedians such as Jim Carrey and Chris Rock, and is now regarded as a cult classic.




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