Movie Recommendations: #43

American Hustle(2013)

Director: David O. Russell

Starring: Bradley Cooper,Christian Bale,Amy Adams,Jennifer Lawrence,Jeremy Renner,Robert de Niro.

american hustle



American Hustle is a crime comedy-drama film based on the FBI ABSCAM operation. It follows two con artists Irving Rosenfield(Christian Bale) and  Sydney Prosser(Amy Adams) tasked by FBI Agent Richie DiMaso(Bradley Cooper) to trap the corrupt mayor of Camden,New Jersey in an meticulously crafted sting operation.

The strength of the film lies in its stellar cast, with each member falling seamlessly into character under the enthusiastic and energetic direction of David O.Russell, making it a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining watch.

The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture,Best Director,Best Original Screenplay,Best Actor for Christian Bale,Best Actress for Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actor for Bradley Cooper, and Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Lawrence.


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