Movie Recommendations: #40


Director:John Woo

Starring: John Travolta,Nicolas Cage.

face off

Face/Off is a science-fiction action film featuring John Travolta as FBI Agent Sean Archer, and Nicolas Cage as his nemesis-the terrorist Castor Troy.

Archer succeeds in capturing Troy, but is unable to coax information from him about a bomb in the city set to explode in a few days.He therefore undergoes an experimental face-transplant procedure to assume the identity of Troy and go undercover in his organization to discover the location of the bomb.Meanwhile, Troy escapes from jail and undergoes the transplant himself, and assumes the identity of Archer, and now both players embark on a quest to destroy each other.

Cage and Travolta deliver standout performances,both portraying two different,contrasting personalities, and the movie isn’t short of thrills, action and suspense.


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