Movie Recommendations: #38

Pirates of Silicon Valley(1999)

Director:Martyn Burke

Starring:Anthony Michael Hall,Noah Wyle,Joey Slotnick,John DiMaggio,Josh Hopkins. pirates of silicon valley Pirates of Silicon Valley is a drama film which chronicles the rise of two of the biggest software companies in the world-Microsoft and Apple. The film is narrated by the characters of Steve Wozniak(Joey Slotnick),co-founder of Apple,and Steve Balmer(John DiMaggio), who was CEO of Microsoft from 2000-2014 and the first business manager hired by Bill Gates.

The story is one filled with ambition,drama and betrayal as we follow Steve Jobs(Noah Wyle) and Bill Gates(Anthony Michael Hall) on their way to becoming the pioneers in the field of Computer Science.

The real-life Steve Wozniak praised the movie, describing it as “Intriguing, interesting. I loved watching it. Every one of those incidences occurred and it occurred with the meaning that was shown in the film.” Bill Gates stated that his portrayal was “reasonably accurate.”


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