Movie Recommendations: #37


Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring:James Stewart,Kim Novak.



Ranked by several critics as one of the greatest of all time, Vertigo is a psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock,who  is often nicknamed as ‘Master of Suspense’.

After watching his colleague fall to his death from a rooftop,police detective John “Scottie” Ferguson(James Stewart) develops an acute case of acrophobia(fear of heights) and vertigo(a sensation of false, rotational movement).After taking voluntary retirement from the police force, he is hired by a college acquaintance to follow and investigate his wife Madeleine(Kim Novak), whom he suspects is possessed by a ghost.

An intricately woven plot full of twists and turns executed under the masterful direction of Alfred Hitchcock only served to cement his position as one of the greatest and most influential directors of all time.






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