Movie Recommendations: #27

The Rock(1996)

Director:Michael Bay

Starring:Nicolas Cage,Sean Connery,Ed Harris.

The Rock is a fantastic action film,directed by Michael Bay way before he brought the widely criticized Transformers series to the big screen.

A group of rogue Marines,led by combat veteran and war hero Brigadier General Frank Hummel(Ed Harris),set up base on the notorious Alcatraz Island and threaten to launch rockets armed with the deadly VX gas into San Francisco,unless they are paid $100 million by the US government.A team of Navy SEALS,including of chemical weapons expert Dr.Stanley Goodspeed(Nicolas Cage)and John Mason(Sean Connery), a former inmate of the Alcatraz prison, are tasked with neutralising the threat and retaking the island.The entire team  is massacred by the Marines,save Goodspeed and Mason, who are tasked with neutralising the threat themselves.

The film has everything that makes up a good action movie:thrills,slick action sequences,and breathtaking pace,along with wonderful performances from the cast.



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