Movie Recommendations: #22

V for Vendetta(2006)

Director:James McTeigue

Starring:Hugo Weaving,Natalie Portman.

v for vendetta

V for Vendetta is a political thriller film set in a future where a dystopian United Kingdom is under a brutal totalitarian regime. The movie revolves around a highly skilled freedom fighter known as “V”(Hugo Weaving), who attempts to start a revolution against the fascist government, and Evey(Natalie Portman), a working-class girl caught up in V’s plans.

The film explores the themes of anarchy and libertarianism through thought-provoking dialogue, and is perceived as an allegory of the dangers posed by a fascist government.The Guy Fawkes masks worn by “V” throughout the movie has now become a symbol of anti-government protests around the world.


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