My Thoughts on Kashmir

I had written this post on Quora as an answer to the question

Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as part of their country?

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I’m going to be blunt and maybe a bit harsh, so those looking for a “politically correct” answer can stop reading.

1.No one in their right mind would give up Indian citizenship in order to join the failing state of Pakistan. India is light years ahead of its noisy neighbour in terms of development, and is on the path to becoming a global superpower. Those who want to leave India for Pakistan need a reality check.
2.There are several who point fingers at AFSPA. To them, I say –you brought it upon yourselves. Why haven’t we seen these anti-AFSPA Kashmiris rising against militancy and insurgency? Why don’t they speak up against the rise in terrorism? The Indian Army is the only thing standing between Kashmir and its eventual Talibanisation if the militants and separatists are given a free hand.
3.This one is a no-brainer, but there are some people who are still unaware-an Indian citizen has opportunities to establish a career and follow their dreams if they are willing to work hard. A kid studying in India can become an engineer,doctor,scientist,historian,writer etc.(most people end up doing engineering, but that’s another story altogether).
4. To the separatists and secessionists, I have a simple message-get the fuck out of our country. Some people just want to watch the world burn(Read:The Joker). These people manage to sway gullible Kashmiri youth into taking up arms and developing hatred towards India.I believe that the both the UPA and NDA governments are equally at fault for not jailing/exiling/sentencing these traitors, and have allowed them far too much liberty.
5.And last but not the least, Kashmir was,is and always will be a part of India, and those who think otherwise can stop daydreaming and do something worthwhile with their lives.
To those who were “offended” by this answer-I really don’t care.